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Jonathon Brodie – Recorder & Times

Liam Souliere arrived at Penn State on Monday. By the time the Brockville Braves goalie left the college Tuesday, he committed to join the Nittany Lions next season.

Souliere wanted to go to the Pennsylvania school when he saw videos of it, but it exceeded his expectations once he got on campus. He didn’t even need to watch a game to be sold.

Former Braves forward Liam Folkes, in his third year at Penn State, was Souliere’s host when the goalie arrived at the school.

The 19-year-old from Brampton, Ont. is joining a program currently ranked No. 10 in the Division I rankings.

“I couldn’t say no. It was the obvious choice to make,” said Souliere. “The coaching staff are super nice people. I spent a little time with the guys and the guys were great, super nice guys. Everything just felt like home as soon as I went on campus.”

With the signing, Souliere earns the distinction of being the first Braves player to sign with an NCAA college this season. He’ll be joining teammate Simon Mack, who signed on in 2017 to play for Penn State for the 2020-21 season.

Souliere had other offers, but Penn State was the school he was waiting on.

Scouts usually come around this time of year – although more are waiting by the dressing room after games these days – but October is pretty early for a commitment.

It should be no surprise, though, a top college was ready to pounce on Souliere with the start he’s had this season.

Souliere was brought to Brockville this past off-season in a deal with the Nepean Raiders. There were high hopes for Souliere as soon as he joined the Braves with co-owner Dustin Traylen saying, “We got the man we wanted,” soon after the trade was done. Souliere hasn’t disappointed.

Souilere had a .964 save percentage and a .99 goals against average at the end of September. If you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop and see his numbers level out, well, you’re going to haveto wait. Souliere has a 12-0-0-0 record, boasting a .951 save percentage and a 1.40 goals against average so far this season.

“When the team is clicking and everything is going well that’s what happens,” said Souliere about his success. “I’m very grateful about being in Brockville and having a team like this. I try to focus every game and stay consistent and that’s what’s been happening.”

Fans don’t need to worry about Souliere committing and checking out. The goalie gets a new customized mask for every club he goes to, the head-gear acting as a memory for each stop in his hockey career. As for his next mask representing Penn State, he hasn’t even thought about it.

“I’ll be patient with that. I’ll wait until the season is over. I’m trying to stay focused on Brockville for now,” said Souliere. “Commitment or not, the goal is definitely to try to make a bug run in the playoffs and win the championship. I think our team with the start we’ve had, we’ve had discussions and we feel like we’re at the step now to try to stay as one of the top teams in the league. It’s hard to do, but we’ve been doing a great job at showing up every night.”

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